Kitchen Party is a catering company based in South East London, run by sisters Joss and Clem.

‘Our love for food and dining is something of an inheritance. From a young age at home in Scotland, family life has always centred around entertaining at the kitchen table. Our greatest memories come from fantastic company, a lot of banter, flowing wine and, of course, delicious food well cooked from local suppliers.

Now based in New Cross, South London, we have continued to host an array of dinners, events & weddings for both friends and clients around London. Nothing gives us more pleasure than creating an atmosphere and menu that brings those we cater for the same delight that we experienced growing up.

Joss’ theatrical background and Clem’s experience in the music industry brings an imaginative and artistic flair to our food and presentation.  

Our food ethos is based upon locally sourced produce and seasonal ingredients to bring the best possible quality food to your event or wedding.’


joss and clem


Photo Credit  (top) Married to my Camera