No better time in November to hold a beer tasting at your flat to get your friends together, try some new ales, and use your guests as guinea pigs some some delicious new bar snacks and dirty canapes.


The Kitchen Party Beer Tasting was on 21st November where Archie (formerly from Fourpure Brewing Co. and the London Beer Factory) came to speak to us about 7 different beers, some from Fourpure and a few more local beers from Brixton Brewery, the Wild Beer Co. and various others.

Here are some example of the beer we tried:

German Pils
Pale ale
Electric Brixton IPA
Amber Beer
Brown Beer
Sour Beer
Rye Beer

Most of these were delicious, my favourite being the Northern Latitude rye beer, brewed in the Northern hemisphere (obvs) and is a 6.4% rye IPA.  YUM.

One of the least popular was a sour beer by the Wild Beer Co. – i’m sure they produce delicious beers most of the time but this one was not pleasant in the slightest.  The flavour wasn’t even improved trying it toward the end of the evening when everyone was well on there way.

During the course of the evening we served various canapes to match the beer.  These went a little something like this…..

Welsh Raebit on crusty sourdough

Beetroot cured smoked trout on rye with pickled cucumber

Pea, mint & Ricotta crostini

Smoked cheese aranchini

Chorizo Sausage rolls, romesco

Ham croquettes, aoili

Gate Pate, toasts


Amazing evening all round.  Watch this space for the upcoming Gin and Whisky sessions…….